August 16, 2016

CIO reviewing budgets and charts
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There are two types of IT folks in the world.

There are those who focus on operations (infrastructure, budgets, network maintenance), and then there are those who view technology as a way to transform enterprise.

The latter are being called chief innovation officers, and they’re quickly becoming the most valued players in business.

A recent survey by Forrester Research, one of the largest technology industry research firms, asked company executives who is the most important senior leader in driving or supporting business transformation, and the top answer was the CIO. (It beat out CEO, mind you.)

The surge in value of CIOs has everything to do with global digital commerce, which generates more than $1 trillion in revenue annually. If businesses want to succeed in today’s world, they must optimize their digital operations.

This means companies want digitally-savvy people who can leverage tech to drive new product development, enhance online marketing, and improve customer experience.

So, who better to tap for CIO than the, “IT Guy,” right?

You would think so.

Interestingly, the people who don’t think so tend to be IT guys and gals.

In study done by IDC, only 25 percent of CIOs describe their role as an innovator, with more than 40 percent viewing themselves as primarily operational, and 34 percent as business service managers.

The latter two POVs could cost those workers, some say.

Michael Jennett, vice president for enterprise mobile strategy at IDC, told Nativo that CIOs must consider themselves innovators if they want to have a meaningful future. “For these executives to stay relevant, they must shift their focus to transformation and innovation,” he said. “CIOs who stay operational will find themselves further marginalized over the next three years.”

Nativo continues, “The big question for many businesses, then, is will the IT Guy be prepared to incorporate an understanding of the company’s mission and develop value-added strategies to generate, as Jennet says, ‘revenue out of what you do.’”

As all eyes turn to IT departments, it seems CIOs have only two choices: shape up or ship out.

To succeed in an environment in which businesses are shifting their focus to creative technological advances, the operations-focused CIO must unsling the coil of cable from his or her shoulder and begin brainstorming ways tech can enhance business.

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