Power your business with Cloud Hosted VoIP Solutions

More features, less cost

If your phone system is unreliable, poorly supported, and lacking in modern business features, chances are it’s holding your business back. Upgrade to a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system and take your communications to the next level. You will likely see an opportunity to save money by eliminating the need for legacy telephone interconnections like, T1s, PRI, and analog phone lines.

Reject the status quo

Traditional phone systems are expensive, error prone and they impede business growth. Just adding a phone line for a new hire is a headache and a half.

You don’t have to worry about any of this with VoIP. Switching to VoIP eliminates your local phone company (and all its fees) by allowing to make and receive calls over the internet. You’ll still use a regular phone, but you won’t be charged for minutes, lines, or à la carte services.

VoIP has it all

Once upon a time only large companies enjoyed bells and whistles on their phone systems. But now, thanks to VoIP, your growing business can have them too.

• Unlimited calling
• Unbeatable international rates
• Extensions
• Voicemail to email with transcription
• IVR (menus)
• Dial by name directory
• Direct inward dialing (DID)
• Conference bridges
• Call parking
• Call queues
• Operator panel
• Ring groups
• Findme

Save hundreds of dollars a month

Our cloud-hosted VoIP solutions offer access to a full featured PBX + unlimited national calling for as little as $19/extension per month. No setup costs and no expensive hardware to purchase.

Connect with your employees no matter where they are

Our hosted and premises-based VoIP PBX solutions offer a fully-supported turnkey IP PBX that easily extends to branch offices and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Get the support you need

Our engineers can integrate VoIP with existing PBX systems, assist with PBX deployments, expansions, and data integration into new or existing systems. World-class data centers and engineers back your service 24/7/365.

Customize your system

Prefer to have your phone system in house? ECS can provide the server hardware for your phone system or build it into your existing infrastructure.



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