May 1, 2012

Recent studies show that 1 in 5 Macs are carrying some kind of Malware. Note that we are not claiming that 20% of Macs are ‘infected’, but this statistic rather indicates the percentage of Macs where the malware exists and poses a threat to computer security. Studies done by Sophos uncovered that 20% of MACS have Windows Malware on them. While Windows malware will not create problems for a MAC unless Windows is being run, it can be spread to create other unique problems. This study also showed that 2.7% of MACS were indeed infected with the Mac OS X malware. The most common Mac OS Malware found was fake anti-virus attacks coercing users to give their credit card information and install dangerous software

Malware spread onto a user’s MAC often happens without them even being aware, most commonly through USB drives, email attachments, internet downloads, and even silent installation. The user in most instances isn’t even aware their computer security has been breached . And even though the majority of the Malware discovered was intended for Windows, we stress again that these malware have the potential to spread and cause other problems in MACs. And Mac users are a new likely target as they less frequently take the steps to install anti-virus software. The days of MACS being immune to malware have long passed and we encourage our customers to appreciate the severity of these risks and install software to protect their computers. We recommend this FREE ANTI-VIRUS software for MAC users to install. We also encourage our MAC customers to make sure their anti-virus once installed is current, including remaining up-to-date on security patches. And while it may seem obvious, its worth reiterating to be cautious when installing programs onto your computer, or opening email attachment links. Just because you own a MAC, you are not immune!

ECS IT Solutions Partners