June 9, 2016

Many business owners think of IT as something they can’t avoid if they want to run an enterprise in today’s high-tech world. They view computers the same way they do electricity, water or rent.


And while yes, you probably can’t run a successful business in 2016 without a computer, you shouldn’t think of IT as just another utility bill. IT, when used strategically, can be an asset to your business and most importantly, give you a competitive edge.

So think about it this way: stellar IT is an investment in technology that will make you more successful. Here’s how:

Improved workflow and productivity.

It’s amazing how small things can significantly impede how much work you get done. A glitchy conference call hurts communication, while a slow server spends an eternity downloading a file. Conversely, if you have IT that runs smoothly, you run smoothly.

It frees you up to work on the things that really matter.

You’d rather be helping a client or closing a sale than say, overseeing network backups, right? We thought so. Efficient, trusty IT lessens the administrative tasks on your plate, which allows you to spend more time on mission-critical areas of your business.

Airtight data security.

One of the best reasons to invest in IT is to adequately protect your networks and data, and ensure you’re in compliance with industry privacy protection standards. Hospitals and companies that handle sensitive information should definitely invest in rock solid IT practices, if not an outside IT service (*cough* ECS *cough*). An IT services company employs engineers who know security compliance inside and out, meanwhile, all the client has to know is that his or her data is under lock-and-key.

Great IT makes you look professional and inspires confidence.

Customers will spot IT glitches from a mile away, and it can hurt your image more than you think. People do care about such things, even if they don’t say it. Think about it like this: you wouldn’t wear sweat pants to a business meeting, right? So, why would you subject customers to inefficient technology? It’s the same thing. Top-notch IT will ensure that the quality of your products and services isn’t overshadowed by preventable faux pas.

Are you considering outsourcing your IT needs?

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