September 9, 2016

woman sitting at office desk and talking on a cloud-hosted VoIP while looking at computer

Ring, ring, ring.

Small-business owner: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hi, this is your cloud-hosted VoIP calling.”

SBO: “I’m sorry, who–?”

Caller: “I’m the hosted VoIP system you recently installed.”

SBO: “Oh, right, yes, hi. Wait…how is a phone system calling me?”

CHV: “Don’t think too hard about it. It’s just a contrived setup to give readers a more interactive experience with the content about business phone systems.”

SBO: “…Alright, I’ll play along. How can I help you?”

CHV: “Great. This’ll be fun. And actually, I’m calling to help you. I’d like to give you an update on how things are going with your new VoIP system so far.”

SBO: “Ok…”

CHV: “First thing’s first. The installation went great and as we discussed, it was completely free. Now all of your employees have phones, extensions, and voicemail.”

SBO: “Even Jim?”

CHV: “Yep, even Jim in Hong Kong. I walked him though the setup, and it was seamless. I know he’s your only remote employee right now, but when you get bigger and hire more remote employees, I’ll connect them just as easily.”

SBO: “Excellent, thank you. And the connection quality will be the same?”

CHV: “Absolutely. It’s hosted on the cloud, so the connection will be as fresh and crisp like…a…uh…erm…”

SBO: “Cloud?”

CHV: “…Yes. Thank you. Moving on. I also set up the 800 number you requested.”

SBO: “That’s fantastic. It’ll make my business look much bigger and more professional.”

CHV: “Indeed. Your secret is safe with me. I also took care of setting up extensions for all phones, and installed an options menu for callers so you’ll have an idea of what they’re calling about before you pick up the phone.”

SBO: “Excellent. It would have taken weeks for me to program that.”

CHV: “It took me only a few minutes. Next, I’ve already transcribed all of your voicemails, so you can read through them when you get a minute. All the transcriptions have been sent to your email, with audio attachments in case you need them.”

SBO: “Perfect. I hate having to listen to voicemails. You have to replay them over and over just to get one phone number. Some rattle the numbers off so fast. It’s annoying.”

CHV: “Speaking of people who talk fast—your sister’s left a few messages—she said she wants her Pyrex back.”

SBO: “Good grief. Ok, I’ll call her tonight.”

CHV: “You know, you can always use the do-not-disturb button feature on your phone, keep people out of your hair. It will direct them to your voicemail, and I’ll write down the message.”

SBO: “I plan on using that feature for really busy days.”

CHV: “That what it’s there for. And last thing, did you get my invoice?”

SBO: “I did. I’m shocked. It’s a fraction of the cost of the traditional phone system we had before. Like, hundreds of dollars less.”

CHV: “Nice, right?”

SBO: “It’s really helpful. I’m going to reallocate the saved money to operations more important than phones…no offense.”

CHV: “None taken.”

SBO: “Ok, thanks for the call cloud-hosted VoIP. I appreciate it.”

CHV: “My pleasure.”

SBO: “I should call my sister back now.”

CHV: “Good idea.”


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