October 30, 2012

As weather cools, things slow down, and business projects for the year are wrapped up. The upcoming winter months are a great time to invest in the computer projects that have been back-burnered throughout the year.

Our team of experienced techs can assist you in upgrading your equipment, implementing or upgrading a backup system, upgrading your network or server, enhancing your security, implementing a Voice Over IP Phone system, as well as provide consulting and solutions for other IT needs your business may have.

We are extending a 10% Discount for any project booked prior to December 1st and scheduled for completion from Jan 1st-March 31st 2013.

Contact us today at 505-954-4400 to discuss your project or upgrade needs and how we can help implement those so you start 2013 with technology solutions that will carry your business successfully through the new year.

ECS IT Solutions Partners